Nobuyuki HANAKI (Osaka University)
An experimental Nash program
28 Juin 2022

Emmanuel PETIT et Jérôme BALLET ( GRETha- Univ. Bordeaux) 
L’apport de la théorie des émotions de John Dewey à la nouvelle économie institutionnelle de Douglass North
9 Juin 2022 - 10h30

Johannes BOEHM (Sciences Po - CEPR)
Growth and the Fragmentation of Production
9 Juin 2022 -14h

Filippo LANCIERI (ETH Zurich)
The Political Economy of the Decline in Antitrust Enforcement in the United States
19 Mai 2022

Folco PANIZZA (MT School for advanced Studies, Lucca)
Monetary incentives and fact-checking techniques to spot disinformation
19 Mai 2022

Sylvie RIVOT (University of Strasbourg)
Peter Howitt’s ‘Keynesian Recovery’ and Keynes: An Assessment
12 Mai 2022

Liane HEWITT (Princetone University - New Jersey)
"Private planning":The International Chamber of Commerce’s Promotion of International Cartels & “Industrial Self-Government” between the Wars, 1919-39
28 Avril 2022

Paolo CROSETTO (Université Grenoble Alpes)
What are we measuring when we measure risk attitudes?
21 Avril 2022

Jeremy SROUJI (GREDEG et ISS La Haye)
Why is World Money World Money? A view from the functions of money from classical to Post Keynesian approaches
7 Avril 2022

Sébastien MASSONI (BETA-University of Lorraine)
Judicial Decision under Ambiguity and Predictive Justice.
31 Mars 2022

Aurore DANDOY (ESDES Business School)
Le mythe de la sorcière, un conte autoethnographique de l'entrepreneuriat féminin.
25 Mars 2022

Filippo LANCIERI (ETH Zurich)
The Political Economy of the Decline in Antitrust Enforcement in the United States
17 Mars 2022 (Reporté au 19 mai)

Andrea GUIDO (Burgundy School of Business - Dijon)
Social Norm Change Across the Globe Early in the COVID-19 Pandemic
3 Mars 2022

Bruno CASSIMAN (KU Leuven/IESE)  
Technology Differentiation and Firm Performance
22 Février 2022

Vinicius KLEIN (Federal University of Parana - Brazil)
Mandatory corporatization of Soe's: Lessons from the Brazilian experience 
10 Février 2022

De Vita Beata: The interplay between wealth and happiness in the Seneca's environment  
27 Janvier 2022

Séminaires 2021


Frederic WARZYNSKI (Aarhus Univeristy)
Firm Selection and Organizational Choice: Complex Patterns of Global Sourcing
9 Décembre 2021

Francesco BOGLIACINO (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
Negative Shocks and the compliance to Social Norms
2 Décembre 2021

Robert ANDERTON (University of Nottingham)
Digitalisation: channels, impacts and implications for monetary policy in the euro area
21 Octobre 2021
Carlo ZAPPIA (University of Siena)
Keynes's Treatise on Probability at 100 years: its mot enduring message  
23 Septembre 2021

Isabelle MEJEAN (Science Po- Paris)
Firm-to-firm trade networks 
16 Septembre 2021

Łukasz MAMICA (Cracow University of Economic)

Willingness to pay for the renewable energy sources of the residents of Krakow as a determinant of public health improvement.

15 Avril 2021

Carlo ZAPPIA (University of Siena)

Alexandre TRUC (GREDEG UCA)   
The interdisciplinarity of Economics
11 Mars 2021

DURA LES SED LEX, The economics of compliance
11 Février 2021

Antoinette BAUJARD (Université de Lyon et Université Jean Monnet de St Etienne)
Revisiting the history of welfare economics
14 Janvier 2021


Séminaires 2020

Raphaël FEVRE (GREDEG UCA) et Thomas Mueller (Maitre de Conférence au LED (Université Paris 8)

Entrepreneurial Optimism and Venture Capital Valuations

19 Novembre 2020



Adjusting to China competition: Evidence from Japanese plant-product-level data

12 Novembre 2020



The Resilience of Regional Labor Markets to Economic Shocks: The Role of Occupation Relatedness

22 Octobre 2020

Gary DUSHNITSKY  (London Business School)

Entrepreneurial Optimism and Venture Capital Valuations

28 Février 2020

Mariana ROJAS BREU (Université Paris-Dauphine)

Central Bank Account For All: Efficiency and Stability

13 Février 2020

Vera ROCHA (Copenhagen Business School)

Give it Another Shot! Startup Experience and the Mobilization of Human Capital Resources in New Ventures

4 Février 2020


The Evolutionary Stability of Payoff-Maximising and Team-Reasoning Heuristics

30 Janvier 2020


Governance structure, technical change and industry competition

29 Janvier 2020


The Impact of Bank Capital and Institutional Quality on Lending: Empirical Evidence from the MENA Region

23 Janvier 2020


Division of Labor in Collaborative Knowledge Production: The Role of Team Size and Interdisciplinarity

14 Janvier 2020

Séminaires 2019

Nicolaas VRIEND (Queen Mary University of London, UK)
On the Stochasticity of Ultimatum Games

20 Décembre 2019

Véronique LUCAS (Université Côte d'Azur)
Recompositions des Coopérations de proximité entre agriculteurs en Cuma : des points d'appui pour la transition agroécologique?

18 Décembre 2019

Sébastien VAYRE (Université Côte d'Azur)
Sociologie des intelligences artificielles marchandes à l'ère des mégadonnées

28 Novembre 2019

Andreas HEFTI (University of Zurich)
Limited Attention, Superstars and the Long tail

21 Novembre 2019

Rôles des architectures produits dans l'alignement des mécanismes de création et de captation de valeur au sein des écosystèmes d'affaires

21 Novembre 2019

How research trajectory choices affect funding success

14 Novembre 2019

Christophe LAZARO (Université de Louvain)

L’ici-et-maintenant des avenirs incertains : le droit, l’intelligence artificielle et les technologies de prédiction

14 Novembre 2019

Claudio PANICO (Bocconi University)

Who Controls What, When? The Strategic Implications of Timing and Control in Joint Projects

5 Novembre 2019

Zahra zAMANI (University of Isfahan, Iran)

Analyzing Science and Technology Indicators for Enhancing Economic Cooperation among the ECO Countries

17 Octobre 2019

Linda ROULEAU (HEC Montréal)

The work you do, the person you are: Exploring the link between identity and strategy work

11 Octobre 2019

Tommaso RAMUS (Catolica Lisbon)

Organizational Change During Hybridization

8 Octobre 2019

Thomas ROULET (University of Cambridge)

Social media for management academics

26 Septembre 2019

Patrizio MORGANTI (Tuscia University- Viterbo, Italy)

Private and public debt: some implications on economic growth

19 Septembre 2019

Martha S. Feldman (University of California, Irvine)

The Foundations of Routine Dynamics

18 Septembre 2019

Marie LACLAU (HEC Paris)

Communication games on networks

12 Septembre 2019

Jaekyung HA (EM Lyon)

The Inauthenticity in Legitimacy: Identity Trade-Offs in Firms’ New Market Entry

10 Septembre 2019

Alessio MONETA - Sant'Anna School (Italy)

Estimating the Economy-Wide Rebound Effect Using Empirically Identified Structural Vector Autoregressions

9 Juillet 2019


La contribution d’une approche de co-création de valeur dans la réalisation de projets d’innovation. Cas des startups en Algérie.

21 Juin 2019

Robert ANDERTON (European Central Bank, Frankfurt)

Effects of labour and product market regulation on worker flows: evidence for the euro area using microdata

13 Juin 2019

Daniel HIORTH- Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)

Entrepreneurship, Organisation-Creation and Process Studies

4 Juin 2019

Chia-Jung TSAY (UCL School of Management)

The Visual Judgment of Performance

28 Mai 2019

Barna BAKO, (Corvinus University of Budapest)

The Achilles' Heel of Salience Theory and a Way to Fix It

23 Mai 2019


Environmental policies and green goods development : why do inequalities matter?

20 Mai 2019

Thomas Mc MORROW (Université d’Ontario)

Les fondements de l’enseignement du droit en France et au Canada : une analyse comparative au travers des « canons »

17 Mai 2019

Annabelle GAWER (University of Surrey)

Shifts in Platform Boundaries

16 Mai 2019

Fernando SUAREZ (Northeastern University)

Smart timing for smart products? Complementor multihoming in nascent platform markets

6 Mai 2019

Dominique BOULLIER (Digital Humanities Institute & EPFL Lausanne)

AI and decision in organizations

25 Avril 2019

John HAMMAM (Florida State University)

Delegation and Team Selection

18 Avril 2019


Intégration économique, intégration technologique et compétitivité des territoires

18 Avril 2019

Bodo STEINER (University of Helsinki)

Networks in peripheral space: how do proximity and endogenous structural configurations influence the propensity to collaborate?

8 Avril 2019

Patrice CAYRE– (AgroparisTech)
La transition agroécologique et les mondes des éleveurs en zone AOP fromagère

3 Avril 2019

Kenju KAMEI (Durham University)
The Perverse Costly Signaling Effect on Cooperation under the shadow of the future

28 Mars 2019

Kazuya KAMYA (Kobe University, Japan)
Equilibrium Selection in Dynamic Auction Markets with Fiat Money: An Experimental Approach

27 Mars 2019

Aurélie SANNAJUSTt (Université de Saint-Etienne)

Determinants of individual investment decisions in investment-based crowdfunding

21 Mars 2019


Alignment of Multinationals along Global Value Chains: A network perspective

14 Mars 2019

Giovanni DI BARTOLOMEO (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)

The NMPC Feedback Nash Equilibrium: Policy horizons and bounded rationality

13 Février 2019

Stefano PAPA (Sapienza U. of Rome, Italy)

From free to bare communication, what about the silence?

13 Février 2019


Impact of hotel tourism on municipal solid waste production. Case of Djerba island, Tunisia

7 Février 2019


Plateforme d’intermédiation et concurrence en matière de transport : Une application sur les aéroports

7 Février 2019

Martin DUFWENBERG (University of Arizona)

Tax Evasion with a Conscience

31 Janvier 2019


Discrimination in markets for credence goods : experimental evidences

23 Janvier 2019


Théories du déséquilibre : fondements microéconomiques de la macroéconomie et expertise

17 Janvier 2019


Theoretical and experimental investigation of an individual search problem

16 Janvier 2019


Paul Pezanis-Christou (Unversity of Adelaïde, Australia)
A rationale for the bidder's curse in the Takeover game
19 Décembre 2018

Sarah Bassite (GREDEG- UCA)
User entrepreneurs and successful business model design: Case studies analysis in the field of the connected health
19 Décembre 2018

Jenni Myllykoski and Anniina Rantakari (Business School, Finland)
The curious case of narrative strategy – How strategy narratives emerge in time
13 Décembre 2018

Sibylle Bui (Université Catholique de Louvain la Neuve)
La transition agroécologique dans la vallée de la Drôme : un système de valeurs remis en cause
12 Décembre 2018

Jérémy Fouliard (London Business School)
Answering the Queen : online machine learning and financial crises
27 Novembre 2018

Nel Dutt (Bocconi University)
Complex Learning: Evidence From U.S. Manufacturing
27 Novembre 2018

Andreas Hefti (University of Zurich)
Confusion, polarization and competition
22 Novembre 2018

Natalia Krasnopevtseva (GREDEG- UCA)
Safety leadership in Complex High Risk Environments : the case of the nuclear sector
22 Novembre 2018

Andreas Hefti (University of Zurich)
Market power and information effects in a multi-unit auction
21 Novembre 2018

David Colander (Middlebury College, USA)
Micro foundations, Complexity, and the Evolution of Macroeconomic Thought
15 Novembre 2018

Elisa Cavatorta (King’s College London)
Does exposure to violence affect reciprocity? Experimental evidence from the West Bank
24 Octobre 2018

Nariaki Nishimo (University of Tokyo)
A Game-Theoretic Framework for Modelling Circular Economy and Circularity Mechanism
17 Octobre 2018

Nariaki Nishimo (University of Tokyo)
Anatomy of Service Business: Modelling and Experiments
17 Octobre 2018
John Hey (University of York - UK)
Acceptable Compensations
11 Octobre 2018

Paolo Zeppini (GREDEG- UCA)
The Garden model – experimental design issues
10 Octobre 2018

Annarita Trotta (University of Catanzaro - Italy)
Voix alternatives et nouvelles voix en finance : Innovation, évolution ou révolution ?
27 Septembre 2018

Nicolas Camilotto (GREDEG- UCA)
La genèse d’un objet en sciences sociales : le cas de la confiance
4 Octobre 2018

Nobuyuki Hanaki (GREDEG- UCA)
Effects of the digitization of communication on collaboration and competition (DIGICOM)
26 Septembre 2018

Claire Mongouachon et Lionel Zevounou (Université Paris-Nanterre)
Le rôle du Parlement dans le droit de la concurrence de l’UE
25 Septembre 2018

Christos Agiakloglou (University of Piraeus - Greece)
Is Spurious Regression an Issue for two independent stationary AR(1) processes?
20 Septembre 2018

Maria Psillaki (University of Piraeus - Greece)

Does board structure matter for bank stability and performance?
20 Septembre 2018

John B. Davis (University of Amsterdam)
From Behavioral Welfare Economics’ ‘reconciliation problem’ to the individuality reconstruction problem
2 Juillet 2018

Wade Hands (University of Puget Sound, U.S.)
Foundations of Libertarian Paternalism: Normativity, Rationality, and Welfare
2 Juillet 2018

Lisa Menez (GREDEG-UCA)
Make Externalities Visible: A Spectral Approach to Flows in the EU-28
22 Juin 2018

Michaël Assous (Université Lyon 2)
Challenging Lucas: From Overlapping Generations to Infinite-lived Agent Models
21 Juin 2018

Joël van der Weele (University of Amsterdam)
Communicating Externalities when Image Concerns Matter
31 Mai 2018

Daniel John Zizzo (Newcastle University)
Identifying Voter Preferences in the Presence of Trade-Offs
31 Mai 2018

Joël van der Weele (University of Amsterdam)
Deception and Self-Deception
25 Mai 2018

Axel Gautier (Université de Liège)
La neutralité du Net
24 Mai 2018

Ahmed Taktak (GREDEG-UCA)
Impact du tourisme de masse sur la génération des Déchets Solides Municipaux
24 Mai 2018

Lucas Bretschger (ETH Zurich)
Stranded Assets: How Policy Uncertainty affects Capital, Growth, and the Environment
24 Mai 2018

Gidrol-Mistral (Université de Québec - Montréal)
Le patrimoine, l’affectation et la propriété : le mari, la femme et l’amant. Perspective québécoise
18 Mai 2018

Joslem Ngambou (GREDEG-UCA)
Re-exploring the nexus between monetary policy and banks’ risk-taking
15 Mai 2018

Paola Criscuolo (Imperial College Business School of London)
Managing innovation in a multi-divisional firm: when does mobility across divisions improve R&D managers' performance?
3 Mai 2018

Robert Somogyi (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Zero-rating and Net Neutrality
26 Avril 2018

Jonathan J. Attia (CEO NYBLEX)
L'application de la technologie Blockchain aux marchés financiers : un regard d'entrepreneur
20 Avril 2018

Iryna Veryzhenko (CNAM)
Spotting Manipulation in the Tape: The Good Igniter, the Bad Painter and the Wily Spoofer
19 Avril 2018

Ludmila Striukova (SKEMA-UCA)
Fostering Skills for the 21st Century: The Role of Fab Labs and Makerspaces
17 Avril 2018

Sébastien Duchêne (GREDEG-UCA)
Financial Market Professionals’ Higher Order Risk Attitudes
13 Avril 2018

Gérard Mondello (GREDEG-UCA)
The Unilateral Accident Model under a Constrained Cournot-Nash Duopoly
12 Avril 2018

Ankinée Kirakozian (Université de Valenciennes)
Under pressure! Nudging electricity consumption within firms. Feedback from a field experiment
3 Avril 2018

Paolo Zeppini (GREDEG-UCA)
The Garden Model
30 Mars 2018

Franck Cochoy (Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès)
Fixing prices in grocery stores: how price technologies (re-)shaped the American economy (United States, 1922-2016)
29 Mars 2018

Patrick Gilabert (UN)
The UN Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges for Implementation
25 Janvier 2018

Pierre Mousseron (Université de Montpellier)
Des usages en général et des usages des Facultés en particulier
23 février 2018

Axel Gautier (Université de Liège)
L’intégration des renouvelables dans les réseaux
23 Janvier 2018

Alfonso Gambardella (Bocconi University)
A scientific approach to entrepreneurial decision making: evidence from a randomized control trial
23 Janvier 2018

Raja Kali (Arkansas University)
Applying Networks Tools to Understand Foreign Aid Performance
22 Mars 2018

Agne Kajackaite (Social Science Centre Berlin - WZB) - Webinaire
Lying Aversion and the Size of the Lie
16 Janvier 2018

Sébastien Duchêne (GREDEG-UCA)
Short Selling and Borrowing on Market Prices and Traders’ Expectations
15 février 2018

Guilhem Lecouteux (GREDEG-UCA)
Choosing in large worlds: the mindshaping hypothesis
12 Janvier 2018

Thomas Grebel (TU Ilmenau, Germany)
Naive Impulse Balance Equilibrium in Maximum Value Auctions
11 Janvier 2018

Antônio Herman Benjamin (Président de la Commission pour le Droit de l’environnement WCEL)
Les tendances du droit de l’environnement : approche comparative
8 Janvier 2018


Paul Pezanis-Christou (University of Adelaide)
Naive Impulse Balance Equilibrium in Maximum Value Auctions
14 Décembre 2017

Chengwei Liu (University of Warwick)
In Search of Strategic Opportunities from Others’ Misattributions of Luck
7 Décembre 2017

Tai-Young Kim (SKK Graduate School of Business)
Multiple Things to Multiple People: The Roles of Pluralistic Agents and Logic under Institutional Pluralism
30 Novembre 2017

Toshiji Kawagoe (Hakodate Future U., Japan)
Risk Dominance vs. Bounded Rationality in Asymmetric Volunteer’s Dilemma
24 Novembre 2017

Georges Romme (TU Eindhoven)
Searching for Partners in Open Innovation Settings: How to Overcome the Constraints of Local Search
23 Novembre 2017

Anna Khmelnitskaya (Saint-Petersburg University)
Centrality rewarding Shapley and Myerson values for undirected graph games
27 Octobre 2017

Alain Fayolle (EMLYON Business School)
Active labor market programs’ effects on entrepreneurship and unemployment
16 Novembre 2017

Francesco Nicolli (European University Institute)
Drivers of international shipments of hazardous waste: the role of policy and technology endowment
26 Octobre 2017

Mai-Anh Ngo (GREDEG-UCA)
L’accessibilité pour les personnes en situation de handicap : analyse d'une proposition de directive pour un marché plus inclusif
19 Octobre 2017

Anna Khmelnitskaya (Saint Peterbourg University)
Connectivity Centrality Measure on the Nodes of Graphs as Generalization of Binomial Coefficients
10 Octobre 2017

Paul Pezanis-Christou (University of Adelaide)
A naïve approach to bidding
6 Octobre 2017

Drazen Prelec (MIT Sloan School of Management) - Webinaire
Finding Truth when Most People are Wrong
5 Octobre 2017

Eugenia Cacciatori (Cass Business School)
The Long and Winding Road: Creating Routines for Multisite Implementation
5 Octobre 2017

Paolo Zeppini (GREDEG- UCA)
Green lifestyles and social tipping points
29 Septembre 2017

Riccardo Calcagno (EMLYON Business School)
Takeover Duration and Negotiation Process
14 Septembre 2017

Ryo Nakajima (Keio University, Japan)
Evaluating Professor Value-added: Evidence from Professor and Student Matching in Physics
7 Septembre 2017

Maurizio Zollo (Bocconi University)
Towards an Integrated Theory of Strategy
13 Juin 2017

Edward Lorenz et Sophie Pommet (GREDEG-UCA)
Innovation, Credit Constraints, and National Banking Systems: A Comparison of Developing Nations
9 Juin 2017

Colin Tredoux (Professor of Psychology, Université de Toulouse) - Webinaire
Experiments in articulating intergroup perceptual and attitudinal encounter
7 Juin 2017

David Autor (MIT)
The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms
1 Juin 2017

Philippe Askenazy (CNRS-ENS-Centre Maurice Halbwachs)
Democracy at Work: A Study of the 2008 French Union Representativity Reform
18 Mai 2017

Toshiyuki Matsuura (Keio University, Japan)
Multinationals, Intrarm Trade, and Employment Volatily
16 Mai 2017

Nick Vriend (Queen Mary, University of London)
Social Identity and Punishment in a Minimum Effort Game
12 Mai 2017

Carlos Carreira (Universidade do Coimbra)
Financial Constraints and Firm Dynamics in the Great Recession
11 Mai 2017

Mira Toumi (GREDEG UCA)
The Pen is Migthier than the Sword: How Third-party Advice or Sanction Impact on Pro-environmental Behavior
5 Mai 2017

Rolf Golombek (Frisch Centre)
Innovation Prizes for Environmental R&D
4 Mai 2017

Giovanna Vallanti (LUISS)
Institutions and Firms Adjustments: Measuring the Impact of Courts Delays on Job Flows and Productivity
27 Avril 2017

Imen Bouhlel (GREDEG-UCA)
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of an Individual Sequential Search Problem
21 Avril 2017

Christos Ioannou (University of Southampton)
An Experimental Study of Uncertainty in Coordination Games
14 Avril 2017

Nathan Betancourt (University of Amsterdam)
The Context of Evaluation: The Differential Effects of Category Spanning on Inter-firm Mobility
13 Avril 2017

Stéphanie Dupouy (philosophie, Université de Strasbourg) & Mark Wexler (sciences cognitives, CNRS, Paris-5 Descartes) - Webinaire
Experiments in the Social Sciences
11 Avril 2017

Thomas Garcia (GATE)
Limited Attention as a Rationalization of the Optimality-Accuracy Trade-off in Perceptual Decision Making
7 Avril 2017

Timothy Folta (University of Connecticut)
Selection Preferences in Small Business Federal Grants: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in the SBIR Grant Program
6 Avril 2017

Imen Bouhlel (GREDEG-UCA)
Sharing is not erring: How environments can encourage pseudo-reciprocity in collective human search
31 Mars 2017

Tamim Elbasha (Professeur Associé Audencia BS)
The Four-Dimension Analysis Model: Structure and Agency Made Meaningful
31 Mars 2017

Hervé Bacheré (INSEE, direction des Statistiques d'entreprises)
Quelles catégories d’entreprise créent de l’emploi en France
30 Mars 2017

Giulia Iori (City, University of London)
Experiments of Trading in Decentralised Markets
30 Mars 2017

Emanuela Lezzi (Bournemouth University)
Fairness, Expectations and Sabotage: An Experiment on Tournaments
24 Mars 2017

Stein Østbye (The Arctic University of Norway - UiT)
History versus Expectations in Economic Geography: An Experimental Analysis
10 Mars 2017

Olivier Peiffert (Université Paris 3)
Le contrôle des « rulings » fiscaux en droit européen des aides d'État
9 Mars 2017

Philippe Théry (Université Paris 2)
Entre la procédure civile et le droit des obligations : les procédures civiles d’exécution
7 Mars 2017

Philipp Paech (London School of Economics)
Economie et droit des algorithmes
3 Mars 2017

Petros Milionis (University of Groningen)
Is Capital Taxation Always Harmful for Economic Growth?
2 Mars 2017

Clément Gorin (Université de Lyon)
Patterns and Determinants of Inventors’ Mobility across European Urban Areas
16 Février 2017

Markus Reisinger (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Strategic Product Variety Choice: Theory and Empirical Evidence", joint with Ulrich Kaiser
9 Février 2017

Antoinette Baujard (GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne) - Webinaire
The Sense of the Act of Voting Depends on Rules. A Teaching from in Situ Voting Experiments
7 Février 2017

Ron Harstad (University of Missouri)
Efficiency Measurement via Revealed Thresholds, Without Knowing Valuations
3 Février 2017

Alain Marciano (Université de Montpellier)
Justice without Romance. The History of the Economic Analyses of Judges Behavior
26 Janvier 2017

Giulia Iori (City University)
Trade Frictions in Decentralized Markets: An Experimental Study
20 Janvier 2017

Panikos Georgallis (University of Surrey)
Shine on Me: Industry Coherence, Social Movement Support, and Government Endorsement of the Emergent Solar Photovoltaic Industry
19 Janvier 2017

Imad El Hamma (GREDEG-UCA)
Linking Remittances with Financial Development and Institutions: A Study of MENA Countries
12 Janvier 2017

Jean-François Bonnefon (Toulouse School of Economics) - Webinaire
Ethical Challenges for Self-Driving Cars
10 Janvier 2017

Sarah Guillou (OFCE)
Firm Export Diversification and Labor Organization
5 Janvier 2017