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Année 2024

- 2024-18 Ex-ante versus Ex-post in Competition Law Enforcement: Blurred Boundaries and Economic Rationale
by Patrice Bougette & Oliver Budzinski & Frédéric Marty

- 2024-17 Does the Environmental Kuznets Curve Hold across Sectors? Evidence from Developing and Emerging Economies
by Supratim Das Gupta & Marco Baudino & Saikat Sarkar

- 2024-16 The evaluation of creativity
by Michela Chessa and Benjamin Prissé

- 2024-15 Economic expertise at war. A brief history of the institutionalization of French economic expertise (1936-1946)
by Katia Caldari and Muriel Dal Pont Legrand

- 2024-14 Short-Term Rental Platforms Contrasted Effects on Neighborhoods: The Case of French Riviera Urban Destinations
by Sophie Pommet, Sylvie Rochhia, and Dominique Torre

- 2024-13 Left for dead? The Wage Phillips Curve and the composition of unemployment
by Leonardo Ciambezi

- 2024-12 L’Intelligence Artificielle générative et actifs concurrentiels critiques : discussion de l’essentialité des données
by Frédéric Marty

- 2024-11 Exploring the Foundations of Complexity Economics: Unveiling the Interplay of Ontological, Epistemological, Methodological, and Conceptual Aspects
by Sandye Gloria

- 2024-10 Robust-less-fragile: Tackling Systemic Risk and Financial Contagion in a Macro Agent-Based Model
by Gianluca Pallante, Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano, Andrea Roventini

- 2024-09 Assessing Technical Efficiency in Renewable Energy Consumption: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis with Scenario-Based Simulations
by Abir Khribich, Rami Kacem, Damien Bazin

- 2024-08 The Determinants of Renewable Energy Consumption: Which Factors are Most Important?
by Abir Khribich, Rami Kacem, Damien Bazin

- 2024-07 Investigating the Nonlinear Relationship between Social Development and Renewable Energy Consumption: A Nonlinear Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Based Method
by Rami Kacem, Abir Khribich, Damien Bazin

- 2024-06 Hayek’s Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle
by Harald Hagemann

- 2024-05 Natural Resources, Civil Conflicts, and Economic Growth
by Maxime Menuet

- 2024-04 Algorithm control and responsibility: shifting blame to the user?
by Mathieu Chevrier, Vincent Teixeira

- 2024-03 Algorithm credulity: human and algorithmic advice in prediction experiments
by Mathieu Chevrier, Brice Corgnet, Eric Guerci, Julie Rosaz

- 2024-02 Valorisation des droits audiovisuels du football et équilibre économique des clubs professionnels : impacts d'une concurrence croissante inter-sports et intra-sport pour la Ligue 1 de football
by Frédéric Marty

- 2024-01 Robot Adoption and Product Innovation
by Davide Antonioli & Alberto Marzucchi & Francesco Rentocchini & Simone Vannuccini

Année 2023

- 2023-22 Taking a full career perspective on the formation of co-founding teams
By Stijn Kelchtermans Francesca Melillo

- 2023-21 Going From Entrepreneur Back to Employee: Employer Type, Task Variety, and Job Satisfaction
By Francesca Melillo

- 2023-20 Occupational Coherence and Local Labor Market Performance: Evidence from France
by Charlie Joyez & Raja Kali & Catherine Laffineur

- 2023-19 Does Knowledge in Management Foster Firm Creation and Performance?
by Catherine Laffineur & Maria Minniti & Benjamin Montmartin

- 2023-18 Information Source's Reliability
by Gérard Mondello

- 2023-17 In the light of dynamic competition: should we make merger remedies more flexible?
by Patrice Bougette, Oliver Budzinski & Frédéric Marty

- 2023-16 Autocatalytic networks and the green economy
by Arnaud Persenda & Alexandre Ruiz

- 2023-15 Augmented reality technology as a tool for promoting pro- environmental behavior and attitudes
by Giuseppe Attanasi, Barbara Buljat Raymond, Agnès Festré, Andrea Guido
- 2023-14 Rethinking Inflation in an Agent-Based Macroeconomic Model
by Leonardo Ciambezi, Mattia Guerini, Mauro Napoletano & Andrea Roventini
- 2023-13 Social Capital: Experimental Validation of Survey Measures
by Ivàn José Barreda Tarrazona, Agnès Festré & Stein Østbye
by Paolo Zeppini & Jeroen C.J.M. van den Bergh
- 2023-08 Theories of Market Selection: A Survey
by Luca Fontanelli
- 2023-07 Debt Relief: The Day After, Financing Low-Income Countries
by Grégory Donnat & Anna Tykhonenko
- 2023-05 Healthcare Procurement and Firm Innovation: Evidence from AI-powered Equipment
by Sofia Patsali, Michele Pezzoni & Jackie Krafft

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