Séminaire de Łukasz Mamica - Cracow University of Economics

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le 15 avril 2021

Łukasz Mamica – Cracow University of Economics


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Title: Willingness to pay for the renewable energy sources of the residents of Krakow as a determinant of public health improvement.

Łukasz Mamica – Cracow University of Economics

Abstract: Realizing energy transformation through the goal of more extensive use of renewable energy sources is one of the key tasks on the road to slowing adverse climate change and improving public health. The pace of this transformation is dependent on both the political decisions and social support for implemented changes. The indicator of the aforementioned support is the Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy Sources (WTP) declared by residents. The goal of this paper is to analyze the determinants of the WTP indicator on the example of residents of Kraków and their perception of the actions aimed at reducing the level of environmental pollution. Research is based on a survey performed on a representative sample of 393 residents of Kraków, Poland. In the surveyed group of residents, the average monthly willingness to pay more for renewable energy was PLN 83.7, i.e. approx. USD 21.47. The WTP differs in a statistically significant manner depending on the type of housing in which the respondents reside. On average the residents of detached houses or terraced housing declared the WTP value twice as high as the WTP value declared by the residents of blocks of flats or tenement houses (respectively PLN 152.47 i.e. USD 39.11 compared to PLN 62.11 i.e. USD 15.93). The performed studies also displayed that the WTP value is determined in a statistically significant manner by the fact of utilizing energy-efficient appliances and is higher in the group of users of such appliances.
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