FIT: Firms, Innovation, Territories

The team is interested in topics with a strong societal impact related to the transformations induced by innovation in organizations, economies, and societies. The aim of the research team is to investigate the conditions of the transition between invention and innovation, and the conditions of innovation development. The emphasis is on the collective dimension of the innovation processes, in and within organizations. This collective dimension can be considered through a territorial approach or more broadly an inter-organizational one (open innovation, ecosystems, etc.). Regarding the methods, the team employs both qualitative and field studies, supplemented by more quantitative studies.

The permanent members of the team are:
  • Jeanne AMAR,
  • Paul-Emmanuel ANCKAERT,
  • Marco BAUDINO,
  • Cécile CEZANNE,
  • Samira DEMARIA,
  • Daniela IUBATTI,
  • Jackie KRAFFT,
  • Michele PEZZONI,
  • Jacques-Laurent RAVIX,
  • Joël-Thomas RAVIX,
  • Laurence SAGLIETTO,