CREAPODE: Creation, Performance, Business Organization

The team analyzes the factors and dynamics underlying the creation, organization, and performance of new business ventures, including the career of entrepreneurs, the funding of innovation, the access to capital markets (crowdfunding), and the regulatory and environmental constraints. The research of the team is based on the conception and use of econometric model on fine grained and confidential microdata.

The permanent members of the team are:
  • Bruno CIRILLO,
  • Saverio FAVARON,
  • Thomas JOBERT,
  • Charlie JOYEZ,

  • Catherine LAFFINEUR,
  • Francesca MELILLO,
  • Benjamin MONTMARTIN,
  • Sophie POMMET,
  • Dennys Eduardo ROSSETTO
  • Alexandra RUFINI,
  • Carla Rua GOMEZ
  • Diego ZUNINO