What came before our disciplines? What are our a priori? These questions, which come to us from the philosophy of science, have been the subject of much theorisation.
The “Antecedent” project has the original ambition to place law at the heart of these existential questions in an effort to establish, both within and beyond the academic community, a dialogue between our various branches of knowledge about the different assumptions, presuppositions, prejudices, paradigms, beliefs, commonplaces, biases or emotions that forge our theoretical and practical constructs and allow us to shed light on and discuss their meaning.

The multi-year advanced research project (2021-2026) entitled “ANTECEDENT” sets out to explore an innovative theme in law, building on major international and multidisciplinary collaboration efforts.



Séminaire Pluriannuel du projet

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Le dernier séminaire s'est déroulé le 31 Octobre 2023 (Voir)